Secret Sage


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New Album

Album Cover: Julie Pepper

Graphic Layout: Daby Designworks

From the dirty growl of the album's first lyric to the breathy flute drifting across tracks to the

rib-rattling percussion throughout, Secret Sage's "Om," evokes a sense of Nature herself.

With heady lyrics, bright and eclectic folk instrumentation, and thunderous rhythms, it

seems to synchronize the simple and the sublime.

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Brewery Tour 

October 1 * Agronomy Winery, Oakham, MA

October 20 * Iron Duke, Ludlow, MA

October 28 * Homefield Brewing, Sturbridge, MA

October 29 * Stone Cow Brewery, Barre, MA

November 11 * 3Cross Brewing, Worcester, MA

November 24 * Night Shift, Everett, MA

November 25 * Treehouse Brewing, Charlton, MA